Custom Kiosk

Design & Engineering

Whether it’s a simple touch-screen kiosk or a hi-tech automated retail kiosk, our creative staff challenges the typical ATM look, without sacrificing solid construction, essential components, quality service and long-term public usage. Starting at the industrial design phase, we look at manufacturability, serviceability and usability of our clients’ kiosk to ensure we are working towards a solution our customers can stand behind and represent. Our team puts a lot of focus on the industrial design to ensure our customers have full visibility into their design and know exactly what they will be receiving in the end. With our powerful rendering capabilities, we can provide an industrial design at the beginning of the project that will look identical to the final product, just check out our gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

Cad Drawing


Final Product

At Kiosk Innovations we are a collaborative team. Our engineers and industrial designers are on the calls with our customers from the start, and work hand in hand to develop creative and unique designs that not only fit our customers’ environments, but provide the best user and servicing experience possible. Utilizing 3D cad programs and in house manufacturing tools, our engineers can develop proofs of concept in very short time frames, and bring designs to life that are typically just a designers dreams. Our design team loves new challenges and developing solutions that work, not just function. We design each unit from the inside out, adapting the creative concept to provide user-friendly access, exchangeable parts and top-notch hardware. Standard or custom, our extensive sheet metal and design experience ensures that our designs will be the most cost effective solutions available for you on the market, hands down. Whatever the assignment, we’ll delivery quality products, every time.

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