Manufacturing and Integration

At Kiosk Innovations, no job is too small or too large. Our process allows us seamless acquisition and production of kiosks from start to finish. One thing we have learned in our 25+ years in the industry is that every kiosk is hot, and they need it yesterday. We understand not all customers fit into one mold, so our process allows us the flexibility needed to change timelines and keep moving without slowing other areas of production. Our in-house fabrication department has the latest machines and hi-tech equipment to ensure the quickest turnaround time from order to completion. Kiosk Innovations will recommend and integrate the highest quality components into our enclosures to produce a superior final product.


Kiosk Innovations can design, print and adhere any decal, logo or graphics in-house, with our state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer permanent screen-printing directly onto surfaces for tamper-proof branding. This convenient service will save you time and money, and negate the need to deal with a separate vendor.


Kiosk Innovations has over twenty years of experience not only in hardware but also in providing excellent software consulting for any type of kiosk application.

Software products available include:

  • Browser Lockdown- Security software restricting user access from desktop, OS and browser, as well as printer retraction option for sensitive documents left behind
  • Hardware/ Software Watchdog- Provides remote system reboot capability to reduce onsite tech calls for simple system rebooting
  • Remote User Management- Records user session date such as transactions, page viewing and provides critical marketing statistics, as well as virtual keyboard access via touchscreen
  • Remote Monitoring- Allows for Remote content updates, server side management and complete remote monitoring including Kiosk hardware health (heartbeat check) and printer/device low stock sensor
  • Reporting- Usage Statistics, transaction data, server analysis
  • Digital Signage- Easy to use software to publish your own ad campaigns videos and images
  • Custom Software- Consultants on staff to assist with sourcing optimal software development platform for your application


Kiosk Innovations stands behind our products 100 percent. We manufacture the highest quality metal enclosures, and integrate superior components.

Warranty options:

  • 5-Year warranty included on all kiosk hardware enclosures for long term security and peace of mind
  • Minimum one-year warranty included for all internal hardware components
  • Extended warranty options for 3 years or 5 years protects your investment

Field Support – Onsite Service Options

Kiosk Innovations provides complete field support services to reduce kiosk downtime and maintain customer satisfaction.

Site Survey Services Include:

  • Onsite inspection of site to verify power and connectivity
  • Provide installation diagram, explanation of installation
  • Provide documentation for any site preparation work needed prior to install


  • Position kiosk in site location
  • Remove all packaging materials
  • Power up and test with tech support to guarantee operation
  • Troubleshoot any firewall and connectivity issues
  • Guarantee successful project launch

Onsite Service Contracts

  • 1, 3 and 5-year contracts – Tech onsite, next business day or 2nd day
  • Hot desk support with 800 call-in number and email support for troubleshooting
  • Schedule onsite Tech to fix or swap out parts onsite to reduce machine downtime
  • Spare parts depot and inventory for advance parts shipment
  • 24/7 service contracts also available

Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disability Act standards were created to help with building and facilities accessibility for more than 54 million Americans who have disabilities. Our designs utilize ADA standards to ensure safe and fair access to kiosks for everyone. There are different standards for each kiosk application, making it somewhat challenging to figure out which items should concern you and your kiosk. We are here to help guide and explain which provisions apply to your application and how to implement them properly. Below is a link to the ADA kiosk website highlighting some of the main limits of ADA kiosks design. Again, not all limits are required to be met, and we can help to determine which is appropriate for your project.

UL Certification

Past meeting ADA guidelines, some of our customers also require UL Certification of their units. UL (Underwrites Laboratory) helps safeguard people, products and places by putting our Kiosk units through strict testing to ensure it meets their standards. UL Certification is not a free process, and can add to a project timeline based on how backed up UL is, changes or revisions requested by UL and changes or revisions to components by our customers. Each time a component is changed out for a different model, the unit must go back through UL testing to re-confirm the units meet their safety standards. Costs of UL certifications will be invoiced to our customers after testing is complete.

EMV and PCI Compliance

EMV and PCI Compliance are confusing topics, but we are here to help. EMV is a chipped card that provides counterfeit card fraud protection, but does not encrypt the primary account number (PAN) and therefore the card data must still be protected according to PCI guidelines. What this means is EMV cards can only protect against fraud in card-present scenarios, but a stolen PAN could still be used in fraudulent e-commerce transactions. Though Kiosk Innovations can help to spec EMV devices, ultimately it is up to our customers to determine the PCI guidelines of their payment processor and which devices they recommend working with. We work with several companies that provide EMV reader devices and can work with you and your payment processor to determine which component is best for your application. One of our software partner, Livewire, who has developed many applications working with EMV and PCI guidelines, have a nice article explaining these items a little more in depth: